Fees and Packages


The price is mainly based on packages per session.

Prices for the individual coaching session, individual customer = 200.-CHF
Rates for the corporate coaching session, institutional clients = on request

The prices indicated are intended for individual customers. Any support by the company will be subject to an estimate at the company rate which will be sent to it. These rates are non-negotiable.

The price is based on a face-to-face service in Geneva, Lausanne and their outskirts remotely or by telephone, excluding commuting costs which remain the responsibility of the client.

A session lasts between 1h and 1h15.

Tailor-made coaching

Njila coaching offers tailor-made professional transition support that adapts to your pace, according to your availability and your needs. You will be able to be accompanied to the session for the number of sessions you choose or you can choose a package that will structure your approach.

Njila coaching adjusts to you by offering individual sessions with a normal duration of 60 minutes. Depending on your needs, it is possible to hold individual sessions of 90 to 120 minutes or groups of up to 3 hours.

Coaching packages

Njila coaching offers three themes of professional transition support for individuals: the Brown, Amber and Orange packages.

These formulas provide a first approach to the type of services that can be implemented for individual coaching.

The details of these professional transition coaching packages are presented in the tables below.


Find below The Brown, Amber and Orange pack. So many formulas that allow you to have a first approach to the type of services that can be put in place to structure your individual coaching.

Ad hoc solutions can obviously be proposed to respond more specifically to your personal needs. To do so, I invite you to contact me by phone or email.

A session generally lasts between 1h and 1h15.

800 CHF
Individual coaching
  • 3 face-to-face coaching sessions + 1
  • 1 follow up session by phone/ Skype at the end of the coaching process

Ideal for people who are advanced in their professional transition, this support package highlights key areas that need adjustment or special focus to help you achieve the desired professional goal

1000 CHF
Individual coaching
  • 5 face-to-face coaching sessions
  • 1 catch up session by phone/Skype during the process
  • 1 follow up session by phone/Skype at the end of the coaching process

The perfect support package for people early in their career transition and needing to do in-depth work. This package includes:

  • a skills assessment
  • the definition of clear and realistic objectives
  • developing a concrete action plan
1'800 CHF
Individual coaching
  • 10 face-to-face coaching sessions
  • 2 catch up sessions by phone/Skype during the procesS
  • 2 follow up sessions by phone/Skype at the end of the coaching process

This package will allow you to :

  • work on on overcoming negative emotions linked to a dismissal or manage doubts and concerns
  • align career expectations with your values
  • weigh-up the career options that inspire you
  • define new objectives and position yourself in a new profession / career

Each coaching session lasts between 1h and 1h15

Booking policy

General booking conditions

Payment is made at the start of the session for face-to-face sessions (Geneva-Lausanne). For sessions by phone or Skype, payment is made before the session, otherwise the session is canceled.

When booking an appointment, please specify in which city you would like to take the session.

Any missed appointment not canceled 24 hours in advance will be charged.

Confirmation of the appointment is made within 24 hours of booking.

For any emergency, please contact me directly.