“I had the chance to work with Wetu in his capacity as career coach. Thanks to him listening actively and asking powerful questions, he helped me to rise and achieve my fullest potential, explore opportunities, alternative ideas and solutions. Consequently, he supported exploration and action in areas meaningful to my personal development and major transitions. Wetu is a genuine person and strongly dedicated to his work with humour and pure energy that is enlightening at all times.”

Ina Koch


I’ve been resorting to Wetu for approximately 9 months now and the results are amazing. When I first started the process, my main challenge was how to deal with and save my emotional and intellectual resources in order to find an adequate life-balance. At the same time, I had a lot of ongoing projects and was facing many deadlines in a short time span. Thierry-Wetu gave me the tools that enabled me to stay confident, focused and resourceful throughout this highly stressful period. At the end, I reached my goals successfully without burning out, whilst learning how to be gentle and caring to myself. I know that I can reuse these tools anytime I find myself in a similar situation. I therefore highly recommend you check out Njila Coaching if facing the same challenges!”

Pamela Ohene-Nyako