The power of owning our stories: telling our stories in our own words, and verbalising past hurts, allows us to move forward, find strength and unleashes hidden potential.

The power of visualisation: projecting into the future that we aspire puts us in a position to be more welcoming to change.

The importance of self-care: learning to communicate positively, with kindness and compassion with ourselves.


Complete confidentiality: what you share during a session will not be judged or shared with anyone else.

Integrity: coaching is powerful, but there are issues that fall outside its scope. At the start of our partnership, I’ll set a clear framework of what I can offer.

Active listening: by paying close attention to the verbal and non-verbal messages that you send, as well as the words you use, I’ll steer you towards thoughts and actions that are more affirming.

A sense of humour: coaching isn’t all serious! In some instances, finding something humorous about a situation can help to defuse it. From this perspective, it’s possible to reframe it.

A personalized approach: your coaching is customised according to your circumstances and thorough preparation goes into each session.

Creativity: there’s more than one way to get results. I’ll refer to a wealth of proven and reliable coaching and NLP tools, with the purpose of moving you towards the objectives you’ve defined.